Plans Plans

Economic Development Plan

The McKinlay Shire Council Economic Development Plan 2018-2022 aims to provide opportunities that value-add and build resilience in the Shire's three core economic pillars and to identify new opportunities and strategies to improve the economic sustainability of the Shire.

Click here to download the Economic Development Plan.

Tourism Plan

Welcome to the McKinlay Shire Council Tourism Plan 2018-2022. Tourism in Queensland is a significant social, environmental and economic driver especially for regional communities. McKinlay Shire Council is now well placed to take an increasing role in the development and facilitation of further tourism potential throughout the Shire, with a result in mind that the community and existing industry will benefit from the additional business and increased exposure. Click here to download the McKinlay Shire Tourism Plan.

Community Strategic Plan

Council's Community Strategic Plan 2010-2020 (Community Plan and Infrastructure Plan) is an important document that will guide the Shire over the next ten years and beyond.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the plan. Click the links below to download the plan:

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan is Council's principal strategic document. It provides a four year framework for identifying the priority issues for the Shire, outcomes proposed to address the priority issues and the strategies to achieve the outcomes. Click here to download the Corporate Plan.

Operational Plan

The Operational Plan contains the identified budgeted goals and projects for the financial year. Click here to download the 2019-18 Operational Plan.