All of McKinlay Shire Council's Policies can be downloaded via the links below. Alternatively, contact Council on (07) 4746 7166 to obtain a hard copy.

  1. Active Community Policy (PDF)
  2. Arts and Cultural Policy (PDF)
  3. Asset and Services Management Policy (PDF)
  4. Employee Code of Conduct Policy (PDF)
  5. Entertainment and Hospitality Policy (PDF)
  6. Acceptable Request Guidelines Policy (PDF)
  7. Customer Service Policy (PDF)
  8. Expenses and Reimbursement Policy (PDF)
  9. General Complaints Process Policy (PDF) - Complaint Policy Lodgement Form (PDF)
  10. Community Grants Policy (PDF)
  11. Investment Policy (PDF) 
  12. Road Access Policy (PDF)
  13. Debt Policy (PDF)
  14. Revenue Policy (PDF)
  15. Revenue Statement Policy (PDF)
  16. Anti-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (PDF)
  17. Debtor Policy Statement (PDF)
  18. Advertising Spending Policy (PDF)
  19. Councillor Code of Conduct Policy (PDF)
  20. Procurement Policy (PDF)
  21. Related Party Disclosures Policy (PDF)
  22. Information Privacy Policy (PDF)
  23. Fraud Policy V 1.1 (PDF)
  24. Fraud Control Plan V1.1 (PDF)
  25. Library Internet Usage Policy (PDF)
  26. Dealing with complaints about the Public Official Policy (PDF)
  27. Investigation Policy (PDF)
  28. Legal Assistance (Defamation) Policy (PDF)
  29. Council Briefing Sessions Policy (PDF)
  30. Small Business Grants Policy (PDF)
  31. Small Business Grants Procedure (PDF)
  32. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy (PDF)
  33. Relocation Assistance Policy (PDF)
  34. Drinking Water Quality Policy V1.1 (PDF)
  35. Bush Dinner Policy V1.1 (PDF)
  36. Trade Waste Policy V1.1 (PDF)