All animal registrations are due every financial year. Invoices and permits will automatically be issued each year for all  animals currently on the register. If you have not registered your animal(s) please do so using the forms below. If you wish to remove an animal you must complete an Animal Registration / Permit Removal form. If a goat is required for health reasons, a doctor's certificate must be provided.

Pensioners who register their dogs get the first dog for free and then have to pay for any other dogs, however, they must supply a copy of their current pensioner card when registering.


Un-spayed Dog


Spayed Dog




Aged persons - First dog only


Goat (required for health reasons)


Restricted Dog (per dog, per residence)





Sheep and other Goats


Permit to keep more than two dogs but not more than three

Permit for more than three (fee payable for each dog in excess of three)



$170.00 per permit



Animal Forms and Documents