Disaster Management

McKinlay Shire Council has the primary responsibility for managing the impacts of disasters and emergencies within our boundaries. The McKinlay Shire Council Disaster Management Plan outlines our disaster management system roles and responsibilities and provides a framework of sub-plans for our most likely threats, and for the recovery phase following an event.

Warnings are also available through McKinlay Shire Councils Disaster Dashboard, TV and Radio broadcasts, the Bureau's website at or call 1300 659 219. The Bureau and Emergency Management Queensland would appreciate warnings being broadcast regularly.

Associated Documents for McKinlay Shire Disaster Management Plan:

Get Ready Queensland

Are you ready for storm season?
Storms in the north-west can bring with them damaging winds and heavy rains. McKinlay Shire Council would like to remind residents of McKinlay Shire that if you haven't already done so, you should prepare your property. On the Get Ready Queensland website there are a number of planning resources and mobile apps to help with planning for disasters. Council has also prepared a local Get Ready Queensland information sheet (PDF) for rural properties to assist with wet season planning.

Six councils from across North West Queensland have developed a new online resource, bringing together local experience and know-how to help locals and visitors prepare and respond during the wet season and beyond. The platform (, was developed through the North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NWQROC), teaming up with local leaders, agencies, business and community to create the content. 

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