McKinlay Shire Council Budget 20/21

Mayor Cr Philip Curr advises that the McKinlay Shire Council budget for the 2020/21 financial year has been adopted after a series of workshops involving Councillors and the Executive Team.

McKinlay Shire Council 14 August 2020 Media Release

Mayor Cr Philip Curr advises that the McKinlay Shire Council budget for the 2020/21 financial year has been adopted after a series of workshops involving Councillors and the Executive Team. 

“It has been really difficult for Councillors to strike a fair and equitable general rate with recent re-valuations by the QLD Valuer General of all land in the Shire resulting in urban land decreasing on average by 4.2% and rural land values increasing by 32.7% on average.  To complicate this further, the valuation of some rural properties remained unchanged whilst others increased by up to 60.”

“To better understand the process at arriving at the wide variations in rural valuations, Council hopes to hold discussions with the Valuer General’s department.”

Cr Philip Curr said that  “Overall rates revenue will increase by 2.5% close to CPI resulting in and anticipated collection of $3,149,544 which represents 31% of operating revenue, the balance being made up from grants, fees and charges, interest earned, caravan park receipts, plant earnings etc”.

“Our focus has been on retaining service levels and making savings by being better in what we do. This budget recognises the impacts of COVID-19 with reduced revenue forecasts for Tourism and our Caravan Park.”

 Council continues to have no debt and has no plans in the immediate future to seek any loans.

The Mayor advised that Council will not be levying the ‘Pest Animal Control’ levy this year for rural landholders as Council secured funding to cover the program for the year.  This will enable two programs of wild dog baiting to be undertaken throughout the financial year.  This program has been very successful over the years.

“2020/21 will see the close out of the Business Solar initiative Council commenced in 2016/17.  This program assisted eight local businesses install solar systems in an attempt to reduce their operational costs.  Council at the same time installed solar on six of our facilities”. 

“This year we will complete the large 2019 Flood Damage program in the order of $35M in this FY.  This work will provide economic stimulus for our community, not only directly with the engagement of local plant contractors and employment but indirectly with flow on to the business community”.

“Council have been fortunate in securing funding from both levels of Government, $700,484 through the Australian Governments Local Road and Community Infrastructure Program and $1,030,000 from the State Governments 2020-21 COVID Works for Queensland program.  This funding will assist Council to deliver the capital works program of maintenance and minor works of essential services and thereby supporting jobs”.

Capital Works

“Council will undertake a significant Capital Works program, with a budget of $14.86m.  External funding has been secured for 81% of the cost of the projects ($12,131,539).  Key projects include:

  • Roads    $7.58m (Including Gilliat/McKinlay road sealing, concrete floodways $5,230,460; Combo Waterhole road/intersection $1.5m; Julia Creek Truck Bay $190,000, Bunda/Pelham Road $200,000) at the end of the FY the Gilliat/McKinlay road will be fully sealed
  • Water   $1.8M (Upgrades in Julia Creek  including a new bore and a secondary water supply $675,000, refurbishment works to the JC Water Tower $1,041,600 and upgrades in Kynuna $25,000 and McKinlay $90,000)
  • Wastewater       $1.2m (Upgrades to the Hickman Street Sewerage Pump Station)
  • Plant & Equipment $1m
  • Flood Warning Infrastructure $270,000
  • Extensions to he J.C. Livestock Saleyards and Installation of a new Dip $412,000.



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Contact: Mayor, Philip Curr - McKinlay Shire Council (07) 4746 7166

Published: 14th August 2020