Grants and Sponsorships

Grants for financial assistance are available for just about anything. Organisations can access grants from Government- State, Local and Commonwealth, as well as Private Sector, throughout the year. Many grant programs run to specific schedule times every year and some are one-off funding programs available for specific projects, programs or events.

McKinlay Shire Council Grants:

For further information please email the Community Services Team Leader ( or ring (07) 4746 7166.

Grant Writing Tips

Our Community is a useful website that provides advice, tools and training for community groups and schools, and practical linkages between the community sector and the general public, business and government. The Funding Centre section of the website has many resources and provides information on how to find grants and tips on how to be more successful with your grant writing.

Regional Development Australia

Regional Development Australia is an Australian Government initiative that brings together all levels of government to enhance the growth and development of Australia’s regions. Chairman of Regional Development Australia Townsville and North West Queensland Inc (RDA), Mr Angelo Coco, and Committee members and staff are dedicated to strengthening the communities within the North and North West Queensland region. RDA is a not-for-profit incorporated association.  Our Committee members have broad and diverse skills and experience, as well as demonstrated networks within our region. These individuals understand the challenges, opportunities and priorities within their local communities.

The Townsville and North West Queensland region accounts for one-quarter of Queensland's land mass and, with a population of approximately 272,416, represents 5.8% of Queensland's population.

RDANQ aims to:

  • support informed regional planning;
  • consult and engage with the community on economic, social and environmental issues, solutions and priorities;
  • liaise with governments and local communities about government programs, services, grants and initiatives for regional development; and
  • contribute to business growth plans and investment strategies, environmental solutions and social inclusion strategies.