Things to Do - McKinlay Things to Do - McKinlay

Walkabout Creek Hotel
Originally known as the Federal Hotel and was built in 1900 and was licensed in 1901. The Walkabout Creek Hotel is now famous for being recognised as the pub in the Paul Hogan movie "Crocodile Dundee". The pub, together with other buildings in the town were featured in this iconic Australian film.

Queensland's Smallest Library and Visitor Centre
Located in Middleton Street, McKinlay, Queensland's smallest public library and visitor centre is open weekdays during tourist season (April to September) and every Thursday 10am-2pm (October to March). The library boasts a large range of fiction and non fiction books and internet access available. Visitor information and brochures are also available.

Cannington South32 Mine
Located 87km south of McKinlay is Cannington South 32 mine site - the world's largest and lowest cost single mine producer of both silver and lead. Opened in 1997, Cannington was the supplier of silver for the Olympic Games medals in Sydney in 2000 and again for the Beijing Olympics, 2008. More information on Cannington is available on the South 32 website.

Maronan Station
Located approx 65km south west of McKinlay, try your luck fossicking for garnets. Obtain a detailed map and directions from the Julia Creek Information Centre. 2 days maximum stay. No open fires.