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Community Liquor Permit and Event Management Plan
There are many things to consider when planning a non-profit fundraising event which involves alcohol.  When hiring Council facilities that involve the consumption of alcohol the following must also be submitted with your hire form:
- a Community Liquor Permit or an Alcohol, Safety and Event Management Plan
- Evacuation and site plan (please ask for templates)
- A valid Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate
- A copy of the Security Providers Licence number (for high risk events)
- Public liability insurance document
- and contact the local Police Officer in Charge and advise them of your event.

Event Safe Online Registration
Registering your event with police provides police with the opportunity to supply you with some great information and resources on planning and running an enjoyable, well organised, lawful and safe event. It also ensures that police have vital information about the event and better able to respond if issues do arise.

Other Resources
The Queensland Government, Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation offers a wide range of resources, information and fact sheets on the laws relating to fundraising events and liquor compliance issues.

Submit your Event on Council's Event Page
Click this link to enter details of your event. Council can then assist in promoting your event via our email database and social media.

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