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Welcome to McKinlay Shire Council

SWER Line Ergon Assessment & Power Pod Project SWER Line Ergon Assessment & Power Pod Project

Currently, the power supply to your property is through a Single Wire Earth Return (SWER). Council is working with Ergon to produce energy assessments for properties. By completing this survey you have the opportunity to relay current issues and future power requirements directly with Ergon, from which a report will be provided to you and Council. 

Council has also committed to a project where we investigate the viability of Hybrid Power Pods. These pods will have the capability to supply power to remotely located stations with a 25kva power requirement. Following an Ergon assessment, your property may be eligible to go into a ballot (held at an Ordinary Council Meeting open to the public) to trial a Power Pod. There will be up to four Power Pods available, the final number depending on budget. The Power Pod will be serviced by the supplier for the duration of the experiment (up to two years depending on installation costs). During this time the property owner will be responsible for supplying diesel to the Power Pod. The Power Pod, in the form of a shipping container, will consist of solar, battery, generator and, if feasible, a wind turbine. The Power Pods would aim to be installed by May 2018.

Follow this link to complete the survey and register your interest.

Naturally Occurring Fluoride in Julia Creek’s Drinking Water Naturally Occurring Fluoride in Julia Creek’s Drinking Water

McKinlay Shire Council advises that Julia Creek’s drinking water supply contain about 3 milligrams per litre of naturally occurring fluoride. This is considerably higher than the recommended limit in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines where they recommend an upper limit of 1.5 milligrams per litre (or parts per million) of fluoride in drinking water. Please see this fact sheet for information relating to the background and management of fluoride in your drinking water.

Drinking Water Quality Management Plan Regular Audit Report dated January 2018
McKinlay Shire Council have recently completed an audit of it’s Drinking Water Quality Management Plan (DWQMP). A copy of the audit report can be viewed at the Council Reception Office during business hours or alternately a copy of the audit report can be purchased.

Mosquito Management Mosquito Management

Local Governments in Queensland in accordance with the Public Health Act 2005 are responsible for mosquito borne disease prevention and control which includes community education, mosquito surveillance and control. To find out more about how you can help eradicate the problem and assist Council click here.