Licences Licences

Food Licence
Most food businesses are required to obtain a food licence from Council in order to conduct business. Non-profit organisations are considered licensable food businesses if they provide meals at a particular place on at least 12 days each financial year.  If you are unsure if your business requires a licence, contact  Environmental Health on 47 467 166 or via email  
For assistance in developing a food safety program visit this link.

Click below to download the appropriate application form:
- Food Licence Application
- Food Licence Application Renewal


Food Recall Notices

Food Recall Notification - FSANZ 2016/18 Street Kitchen Thai Curry Kits due to microbial (pathogenic bacteria) contamination.



Other Licences
- Commercial Use of Roads Application
- Activities on Parks and Reserves Application

Local Laws Register Local Laws Register

Under the Local Government Act 2009, McKinlay Shire has the authority to create and enforce local laws.  The Act stipulates that any new local laws passed must be published on our website to notify the public.  Our local law register is displayed below and the laws can be viewed by downloading the pdf or they can be inspected and purchased from councils administration office.